LG set a selfie World record with its G4 smartphone

When you think of a Android Phone , LG hopes, the only thing that’s on your mind is that device’s ability to let you take the most glamorous pictures of yourself. From any angle you choose in any situation, that phone should be able to give you prime selfies, ready to go up on all your favorite social media networks, right? Just in case that’s the kind of person you are, the LG G4 might be the smartphone for you – the South Korean company’s flagship just went out and set a selfie world record.

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June in Mexico City, 746 selfies were taken by over 2500 entities (there were individuals as well as groups). The previous record was a measly 531, set in the United States. This isn’t exactly acrowning achievement, but if you have need to take 746 selfies, you now know exactly which phone will carry you through the journey.

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Why only 746? That has not anything to do with the phone’s battery life, says LG. The phone took a selfie every 10 seconds over the course of about two hours – and then the steady stream of people able to take a selfie with the phone ran out, and the record had to be capped at 746. Still, that’s a pretty commendable number for a pretty commendable smartphone

Source: LG
Via: PhoneArena


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