Carrier leak offers Windows 10 Mobile update ETA

We’re just over five weeks away from 29 July , the day when Windows 10 formally becomes available to PC users. And while we’re obviously looking forward to that date, maybe even more interesting is what’s going to happen next, as Microsoft finishes up work on Windows 10 Mobile and prepares that platform refresh for its own commercial release. We know that’s happening at some point after July 29, but so far Microsoft’s been hesitant to talk about its schedule with much more specificity. As a result, we find ourselves looking to other sources for information, and today check out a carrier leak that attempts to give us a timeframe for when to expect Windows 10 Mobile updates for existing Windows Phone 8.1 hardware.

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That generally fits with when we might have hoped Microsoft to start making Windows 10 updates available, and while the two-month window doesn’t do a lot to narrow things down, at least it suggests we won’t be waiting until the very tail-end of 2015 to see updates start coming down the pipeline. Hopefully we’ll pick up an even more specific release estimate as we push into Q3 ourselves.

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A document obtained from SFR Telecom in France offers ETAs on Android 5.1 updates for a number of handsets before mentioning a bunch of Lumia devices all in one go, with their own Windows 10 updates expected for release in October or November.

Source: Mon Windows Phone
Via: WMPoweruser


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