HTC One M9+ Now Availabile in Europe

When HTC Introduced the One M9+ in April, the HTC  company made it clear that the device will not be available in regions like the United States, and/or Europe; the company pushes its 2015 flagship, the One M9, in these key markets. Of course, we’ve recently seen that the One M9+ (alongside the E9+) are available in the US from third parties, like Amazon, but the device (which we’re currently testing), is lacking Google services.

We’ve reached out to HTC for a comment, but, at the time of publishing this story, we have not received an official response. We will, of course, update this post when we do.

According to a current rumor, European HTC One M9+ availability should be expected in the third quarter of the year, which begins a little more than a week from now. “Germany, Italy, Russia and some other Western/Eastern EU countries” are rumored as markets for the European HTC One M9+, and, if the rumors turn out to be true, the device which many have considered “the real 2015 flagship” will probably ship with the complete Android/Google experience.

THat being stated, do you suspect the one M9+ could cannibalize One M9 sales? Could you be willing to grab a One M9+ in place of a One M9? Let us recognise in the comments underneath.

Source: Twitter


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