According to this Apple patent filing, iPhone antenna lines could be a thing of the past

Two types of Apple iPhone 6 and Apple 6 Plus  owners in the world: those who hate the plastic stripes on the back, and those who learned to live with them. The plastic inserts on the back, while arguably unaesthetic, allow the iPhone antenna to get reception. Should the back of the device be all aluminum, reception would be a problem (if not impossible), and this is something Apple had to deal with in case of theiPhone 5, and iPhone 5s as well.

In a nutshell, this material would allow Apple to build an all-metal looking AppleiPhone, while not compromising reception. The filing also lists a couple of other usage scenarios, from coating the touchpad in MacBooks, to even touchscreens.

According to a USA Patent and Trademark Office filing (source link below), Apple Company might have invented a material that would allow the iPhone-maker to conceal those antenna lines. “Composite structures that have an appearance of an anodized bulk metal but that is non-capacitive and/or radio frequency (RF) transparent are disclosed”, says the filing, but there’s more, so check out the source link below if you’re interested.Latest Mobile phone Prices

As with all patent applications (and, especially, those coming from Apple), this is by no means a guarantee that the technology will soon (if ever) make it into consumer products.

Source: USPTO


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