WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Is Currently For Microsoft Windows Cellular Phone People

The actual WhatsApp Voice dialling characteristic has become seeding intended for Windows Mobile phone end users as well as it will need couple of days to realize each smart dataphone. Additionally completely new characteristic, the newest bring up to date bundled up using sending audio files to a different end users, at the moment your characteristic can be purchased simply in Windows Mobile phone 8. 1 or even after variants. WhatsApp has also declared quite a while in the past which it provides got 800 million active users.WhatsApp premiered online Tone of voice Phoning attribute for the customers several weeks before, that was tied to Android customers at first nevertheless at a later date, the corporation provides rolling out and about that support to iOS and Bb customers. The particular contacting support is night mare regarding Home windows Cell phone customers since it is launch however the hang on has ended now, a new revise happens to be rolling out and about to Home windows phone customers across the globe, that will make it possible for customers to create cell phone calls by means of WhatsApp.WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Is Currently For Microsoft Windows


The particular WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is now available with latest app update for Windows Phones and the new version of the app carrying the version number on Operating system Law enforcement officials, WhatsApp for Operating system will certainly apparently get a brand-new up-date using intriguing attribute, the actual attribute allows people to try and do a app-wide seek and you may furthermore choice to find a particular term within overall talk dialogue. When you detect, the existing WhatsApp edition solely exhibiting the actual title connected with Whastapp contact lenses listing. As opposed to Google Perform, the revolutionary current WhatsApp will likely be obtainable by means of APK on official WhatsApp website, which is carrying the version number 2.12.134.


Google’s Android One Initiative Commences Throughout Myanmar

Google’s Android One Initiative Commences Throughout Myanmar In Myanmar, the Mountain View-based organization features joined having Cherry Cell, which can be additionally it’s associate inside Philippines. The primary Android On smart phone, named Cherry Cell A single, go on discount sales inside Myanmar upon Friday, transporting a new MMK  1,09,000 ($99) sale price.

“We wish this appearance involving Android One facilitates set excellent touch screen phones in to the palms involving a lot more people over Myanmar, and also all of us count on working with the companions to be able to start a lot more devices inside a lot more countries in the forthcoming several weeks, inches stated Caesar Sengupta, VP, Product Supervision at Google.
Google provides unveiled its Android One mobile phone Just one method inside Myanmar, making it the seventh Asian country (and eighth overall) in which the corporation’s cheap smartphones on the market are going to be marketed.Learn More

Specs-wise, the unit is usually powered with a 1. 3GHz quad-core brand, and also activities a new a 4.5-inch FWVGA (480×854 pixels) show. That incorporates 1GB RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY and also 8GB expandable internal memory, and also delivers in a very 1700mAh battery.
In terms of digicam, this Cherry Cell A single features a 5MP rear device plus a 2MP entry shooter. That operates the latest model involving Android (Lollipop 5. 1. 1), and as well gives dual-SIM service.

Vertu Signature For Bentley Will Go Characteristic Phone

You can customize your Vertu Signature bank to match your Bentley using a range of leathers, valuable gems and also shades. There is a Bentley Soaring B logo made out of titanium. This keys for the keypad are generally coated inside sapphire uric acid, your keys them selves take a seat on rubies. So, every single text a person mail is literally well worth one thousand dollars.The unit by itself may be valued at more than once that will : £14, 500. The actual Vertu Signature for Bentley is going to be with the Goodwood Festivity involving Rate in addition to Concourse d’Elegance first and eventually launch with Sept 18. You can pre-order just one nowadays should you already have the amount of money stashed and the Mulsanne Rate parked.Mind you, the particular Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley, the Android-powered touch screen phone will be made from Grade 5 titani7um, quilted leg leather along with anchoring screws modelled about Bentley’s air flow ports. The item fees €13, 000.Check Latest Mobile Phone


The phone may be prompted from the Bentley Mulsanne Speed as well as built connected with a number of the very same components too. The actual as well as fibers weave with the cell phone matches that with the vehicle, there is certainly Beluga Dark-colored leg leather-based on the again, found from your very same tannery because covers with the Mulsanne.A new British-built high-class smartphone for the British-built high-class car or truck – Vertu unveiled the 2nd phone focused especially with Bentley managers. Contrary to the primary a single, this Vertu Signature for Bentley is just not a new smartphone, it is a classic function phone alternatively, but in some manner handles to get more costly.

Lollipop With Regard To Huawei Ascend P7 Possesses Moved


The Huawei Go up P7 is just per year aged, but remains an excellent offer you. It will be got outshined because of the Huawei P8 having its lovely high quality build as well as classy exterior, but the P7 remains some sort of charmer, in addition to way more affordable. Now, this mobile phone is getting just one move closer to its heir which has a gleaming new Android Lollipop update as well as EMUI 3. 1 to help go along with that.If you happen to be eligible for a beta ensure that you acquire the actual EMUI 3. 1 ROM with the Ascend  P7, we all would love to get some opinions on what well Huawei provides managed to bring everything around. And also to get a far more in-depth search associated with EMUI 3. 1, read the screen a part of our P8 assessment.As a ultimate, examination before you go community, Huawei has unveiled the start beta, along with invites already prolonged for you to P7 owners with Madeira in addition to Italy. Not long ago, most of us reviewed this Huawei P8, that offered all of us a first view in Huawei’s brand-new in addition to highly-customized Experience UI layer.Click here for More information

LG set a selfie World record with its G4 smartphone

When you think of a Android Phone , LG hopes, the only thing that’s on your mind is that device’s ability to let you take the most glamorous pictures of yourself. From any angle you choose in any situation, that phone should be able to give you prime selfies, ready to go up on all your favorite social media networks, right? Just in case that’s the kind of person you are, the LG G4 might be the smartphone for you – the South Korean company’s flagship just went out and set a selfie world record.

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June in Mexico City, 746 selfies were taken by over 2500 entities (there were individuals as well as groups). The previous record was a measly 531, set in the United States. This isn’t exactly acrowning achievement, but if you have need to take 746 selfies, you now know exactly which phone will carry you through the journey.

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Why only 746? That has not anything to do with the phone’s battery life, says LG. The phone took a selfie every 10 seconds over the course of about two hours – and then the steady stream of people able to take a selfie with the phone ran out, and the record had to be capped at 746. Still, that’s a pretty commendable number for a pretty commendable smartphone

Source: LG
Via: PhoneArena

Carrier leak offers Windows 10 Mobile update ETA

We’re just over five weeks away from 29 July , the day when Windows 10 formally becomes available to PC users. And while we’re obviously looking forward to that date, maybe even more interesting is what’s going to happen next, as Microsoft finishes up work on Windows 10 Mobile and prepares that platform refresh for its own commercial release. We know that’s happening at some point after July 29, but so far Microsoft’s been hesitant to talk about its schedule with much more specificity. As a result, we find ourselves looking to other sources for information, and today check out a carrier leak that attempts to give us a timeframe for when to expect Windows 10 Mobile updates for existing Windows Phone 8.1 hardware.

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That generally fits with when we might have hoped Microsoft to start making Windows 10 updates available, and while the two-month window doesn’t do a lot to narrow things down, at least it suggests we won’t be waiting until the very tail-end of 2015 to see updates start coming down the pipeline. Hopefully we’ll pick up an even more specific release estimate as we push into Q3 ourselves.

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A document obtained from SFR Telecom in France offers ETAs on Android 5.1 updates for a number of handsets before mentioning a bunch of Lumia devices all in one go, with their own Windows 10 updates expected for release in October or November.

Source: Mon Windows Phone
Via: WMPoweruser

Facebook will recognize you in photos where your face is not showing

Fb’s facial recognition blows me away every unmarried time I see it at paintings. Some of us love it, because it makes it an easy undertaking to tag all your pals and get on together with your existence. On the other hand, a few human beings hate that fb knows so much approximately them. Well, get your tin foil hats prepared, men, due to the fact things are about to get lots extra interesting. Quickly facebook will no longer want to peer your face so that it will understand you in photos uploaded to their servers.More information

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Fb’s artificial intelligence lab has put together an algorithm that can scan a photograph and look for many other physical clues, hence being able to know who you are even when you are not showing your facial features.

“There are a lot of cues we use. People have characteristic aspects, even if you look at them from the back. For example, you can recognise Mark Zuckerberg very easily, because he always wears a gray T-shirt.” -Yann LeCun, head of artificial intelligence at Facebook.

It makes complete sense for Fb to improve their recognition technology in this manner. After all, it’s something us humans do all the time. I can recognize most of my friends even when they have their backs completely turned to me. The algorithm will probably take into account body features, hair, clothing and other factors.

Fb tested this with almost 40,000 images taken from Flickr. These photos showed some people’s faces, but many other subjects had their faces turned away. This algorithm is impressive, to say the least. The system was able to recognize people with an 83% accuracy, which is simply stunning.

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The social network is also currently pushing Fb Moments into the market. This photo-sharing service revolves around Facebook’s power to recognize you and your friends. The app scans your phone for photos and allows you to easily share them with your friends (those the app recognizes in your images). It’s Fb easy way to take care of image sharing, and odds are it will also adopt Fb new algorithm at some point.

I can’t deny this all sounds a little freaky, but I am not really trying to hide from the internet. This will offer very convenient features for Fb users. What do you think, though? Are you comfortable with Fb implementing such extreme identity recognition practices? Let us know in the comments below!

According to this Apple patent filing, iPhone antenna lines could be a thing of the past

Two types of Apple iPhone 6 and Apple 6 Plus  owners in the world: those who hate the plastic stripes on the back, and those who learned to live with them. The plastic inserts on the back, while arguably unaesthetic, allow the iPhone antenna to get reception. Should the back of the device be all aluminum, reception would be a problem (if not impossible), and this is something Apple had to deal with in case of theiPhone 5, and iPhone 5s as well.

In a nutshell, this material would allow Apple to build an all-metal looking AppleiPhone, while not compromising reception. The filing also lists a couple of other usage scenarios, from coating the touchpad in MacBooks, to even touchscreens.

According to a USA Patent and Trademark Office filing (source link below), Apple Company might have invented a material that would allow the iPhone-maker to conceal those antenna lines. “Composite structures that have an appearance of an anodized bulk metal but that is non-capacitive and/or radio frequency (RF) transparent are disclosed”, says the filing, but there’s more, so check out the source link below if you’re interested.Latest Mobile phone Prices

As with all patent applications (and, especially, those coming from Apple), this is by no means a guarantee that the technology will soon (if ever) make it into consumer products.

Source: USPTO

HTC One M9+ Now Availabile in Europe

When HTC Introduced the One M9+ in April, the HTC  company made it clear that the device will not be available in regions like the United States, and/or Europe; the company pushes its 2015 flagship, the One M9, in these key markets. Of course, we’ve recently seen that the One M9+ (alongside the E9+) are available in the US from third parties, like Amazon, but the device (which we’re currently testing), is lacking Google services.

We’ve reached out to HTC for a comment, but, at the time of publishing this story, we have not received an official response. We will, of course, update this post when we do.

According to a current rumor, European HTC One M9+ availability should be expected in the third quarter of the year, which begins a little more than a week from now. “Germany, Italy, Russia and some other Western/Eastern EU countries” are rumored as markets for the European HTC One M9+, and, if the rumors turn out to be true, the device which many have considered “the real 2015 flagship” will probably ship with the complete Android/Google experience.

THat being stated, do you suspect the one M9+ could cannibalize One M9 sales? Could you be willing to grab a One M9+ in place of a One M9? Let us recognise in the comments underneath.

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Galaxy S6 income estimated at 45 million units for 2015

It’s tough now not to raise an eyebrow every time we hear approximately device performance indicators.Sales figures, shipped units, orders placed, analyst predictions, etc.; companies are good at wording press releases (where available) so that the device they’re referring to appears to perform well. In the case ofGalaxy S6 sales, a Samsung executive said that they’re doing well, but a report claimed, at the beginning of the month, that Samsung has allegedly cut down its component orders by 16% (still leaving enough for about 50 million for 2015).

The Korea Herald prints a report that estimates 45 million units, in terms of Galaxy S6 sales for the year. This is close to the 50 million we heard before (and mentioned above). “Samsung continues to struggle at the low-to-mid end, while the Galaxy S6and Galaxy S6 Edge combined look on course to reach a respectable 45 million units this year”, said a Deutsche Bank report, cited by both EE Times and The Korea Herald.

At the same time as the range refers to combined Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 sales, if it becomes a target Samsung can reach, the company will match its current sales record (which is 45 million, for the Galaxy S4). This report is the most modest among all, while other analysts predicted higher numbers: 70 million (Yonhap), 55 million (DRAMeXchange), 50 million (Counterpoint).

Source: The Korea Herald, Yonhap